Two Strong Companies of Ankara

Giant Project by Rast Group and Fırat Life Style

Natura Vadi


Fırat Life Style is proud of being a leading company in the sector by successfully realizing many projects in this journey that it started as a family business in 1981. Achieving numerous successes in the domestic industrial market and carrying out successful imports and exports not only in the construction sector, but also in the food sector, Fırat Life Style continues its journey in the construction sector since 2005, while maintaining its steady growth.

By investing in the future, it creates the most ideal conditions for a better life and brings permanent values to the society we live in with every structure it builds. Fırat Life Style aims to serve people essentially and provides the highest benefit, continues to implement its plans in the field of housing, commercial projects and contracting, with its increasing determination to work day by day. Finally, merging with Rast Group, Fırat Life Style realizes Natura Vadi, Ankara's best PROMISE.


Rast Group realizes high life value projects with its innovative and high standard service quality.

With its primary anthropocentric philosophy; it produces the best possible one and works for a better life. The constructor of Ankara's iconic project "Bilkent Nazende" and A-Awards awarded innovative project "Avend Beytepe", Rast Group continues to offer a brand new aesthetic and quality perception in Ankara with brand projects.

Having high customer satisfaction with its quality, originality and transparent sales strategy being prominent in the projects, Rast Group joins forces with Fırat Life Style and realizes Natura Vadi.