Dream the most precious moments in life!

The first moment when the earth wakes up and the sun rises...
A vast view seen when you open your curtains,
The nature that you breathe in its green and fits into your home.

At night,

Look at the sky, the stars of the valley charming you with their luminescence,
Set your dreams free from there. Believe it,
Choose yourself a life there.
Under the trees joining the sky and the earth.
Only then you will catch the original perfection in your life.
Let your dreams go beyond time.

That is ,

Promise of a good future..
Promise of a right investment.
Promise of a beautiful life.

That you have never heard before.

Ankara's best promise!


All your needs together!

Natura Vadi was designed as a project to meet all expectations.
It promises a complete life to its residents with its street stores,
social areas and wide landscape that will meet your needs.

  • Double-Tier Spacious and Luminous Lobby Areas
  • Glass Use with High Insulation Value on Facades
  • Fully Powered Generator
  • 7/24 Private Security
  • High Security Against Fire
  • Intra-Site Roads Designed for Fire Truck Access
  • Landscape Area Designed Considering Disabled
  • Underfloor Heating System
  • High Sound Insulation in Bedrooms
  • Accessibility to the Closed Social Facility from the Blocks
  • Burglar Alarm System in Flats
  • C40 Concrete
  • Bored Piling Ground Reinforcement
  • Raft Foundation
  • 2 Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Fitness Center, Vitamin Bar
  • Studio Rooms
  • 2 Steam Rooms
  • 2 Turkish Baths, Sauna
  • Changing Rooms
  • Free Sports Grounds
  • Observation Terraces
  • Children Playgrounds
  • Climbing Track
  • Basketball, Football, Volleyball Fields
  • Tennis court
  • Mini Movie Theater
  • Play Station Room
  • Billiards and Darts Hall
  • Skateboarding Track